Ensure your athletes can stay and play

Stay ahead of the curve with P-1 immigration visa software.

Your Athletes Deserve Better than Excel

VeloVisa gives professional sports teams a reliable and efficient platform to manage their P-1 visa petitions.

Complete Visibility

See all beneficiary renewal dates, expiration dates, and critical visa issues from a central dashboard.

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Seamless Communication

Securely gather travel documents from around the world.  Use email, text, or WhatsApp to easily talk and gather documents.

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Automated Accuracy

Check the accuracy of visa petitions before sending.  Use trained models to read travel documents and a proprietary algorithm to ensure the I-129 is accurate.

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Built for Your Team

VeloVisa gives you the ability to easily prepare the I-129 and I-907 applications.  Quickly gather beneficiary information and documents.

Built for Your Players

Communicate directly with your beneficiaries via WhatsApp and text to reduce the transfer of sensitive documents across multiple personal devices.

No more complicated workflows.

P-1 visas are complicated.  Don't sweat, we can help.


Worldwide communication over WhatsApp or text to quickly gather international player information.


Our trained AI models prove the readability of scanned passport and visa documents ensuring accuracy.


Our support is around to answer any of your questions. With a decade of experience, we've seen it all.


Our automated visa application eliminates the need for your printed stacks of paper and endless scanning.


Let us tell YOU who and when to group on an application to save money and reduce  premium processing fees.


Built from day one with security in mind.  Fully encrypted data, cloud best practices. check and check.

Your 2nd set of eyes to reduce RFEs

Automated checks can catch errors early.

Never miss an expiration again
Ensure player documents are legible
Don't forget supporting documents

Companies big and small trust us

“VeloVisa is paving the path and I can't wait to see how they continue helping professionals through innovative solutions that simplify complex processes.”

Chris Cheatham
Founder & CEO - RiskGenius

“VeloVisa was built to support me and my industry peers.  Most of my pain points have been alleviated and I estimate that VeloVisa has reduced my time spent on visas by 70%.”

Kristin Lock
Assistant Director of Minor League & International Operations Kansas City Royals

Our expertise eliminates
your complexity

Better technology is key to creating efficiency — like an advanced communication system and an intelligent document repository.