A better way to manage your athletes’ P-1 visas

Improve every aspect of the visa procurement process.

Better efficiency through technology

Better technology is key to creating efficiency — like an advanced communication system and an intelligent document repository. VeloVisa transforms the visa procurement process.

Explore the features our customers love

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Gathering documents from  players around the world requires tons of communication and planning.

VeloVisa leverages worldwide communication to quickly gather international player documents.


Automated organizational processes will prepare your documents and our advanced audit systems will help ensure accuracy.


Prepare your form I-129 and, when necessary, the I-907; while producing a single file of all forms and supporting documents.

Take the entire application process down to a few, easy clicks of a mouse.


VeloVisa will keep you months ahead of schedule.

VeloVisa will keep all necessary documents in order and it will tell YOU when to click ‘prepare’ and submit so that your team can save time and money.

Simplicity achieved

Stop switching from email to excel to text to calls to printouts to scans.

Communications Hub

Communicate seamlessly with one or more people across email, text, or WhatsApp without leaving a single page.

Document Recognition

Request travel documents securely from foreign beneficiaries and guarantee they are legible and the information can be read.

Document Locker

Securely store ANY type of document for your athlelete.  Auto reminders and workflows guarantee they stay up to date.

Expiration Reminders

Track visa and passport expirations for warnings on upcoming deadlines. Plan in advance to eliminate any last minute struggles.

Form Preparation

Our guided flow through the I-129 will amaze you with the simplicity. Need the I-907 for premium processing?  We can help there too!

Personalized Support

Have a last minute question? Questions between 'change of employer' or 'change in employment'? Just ask!